As Canadians, we take immense pride in our national identity. Throughout the world, we are seen as a tolerant, polite and thoughtful people (to say the least). Just in the past year, we have embraced immigrants and refugees, we held strong and sang the praises of our policy positions and even cried together at events such as the last Tragically Hip concert. Finally, let us not forget that our cabinet has just as many men as women … because it is 2017.

It is amazing to be a Canadian expat anywhere in the world. Above and beyond all, we are diplomats. We are constantly telling our Canadian stories, sharing our identity or know-how and our business acumen. But, as your expat organization in Southern California - from Los Angeles to San Diego - we are thrilled to be the place where all of our stories come together.

This year, Canada turns 150 years old and what a better way to celebrate than with the launch of our website, a ton of initiatives and events. We are also pleased to announce our new survey (survey closed) that we encourage you to fill out so we can garner a sense of your needs and wants to best serve you! Most importantly, we are in the midst of planning one heck of a party for our 150th birthday. We promise that it will be biggest and the best that anyone outside of Canada has ever seen, so book it in your calendars and expect to hear more in the months ahead.

On a final note, you are the reason we do this. As always, we thank you for your continued support!

Happy 150th Canadians in Southern California!

Yours truly,

Zoe Kevork & Erin Buckley

Co-Presidents, Canadians Abroad of Southern California